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Why Anti-Yeast Diets Don't Work

Herbal Solutions - DietDietary restraints are a common though often misguided approach to eliminate yeast organisms. Most yeast control diets focus on restricting the amount of sugar and simple carbs. It is often thought that yeast can be starved by limiting the amount of sugars in the diet because yeast organisms prefer these food types over others. However, yeast organisms can process virtually any type of food source available. Not only will the yeast or fungus find another food substrate, such as a simple lipid or even decomposing cells to live upon, a regimen of this type also deprives your body of its ability to orchestrate an effective approach in dealing with this organism. The body’s central nervous system, including the brain only uses glucose (a simple sugar) for energy, and eliminating sugars from the diet impairs the central nervous system’s ability to function normally. While there are hundreds of species of yeast, currently only four or five are known to cause disease. However, we do recommend avoiding breads and baked goods containing yeast due to the pathology and resilience of these harmful strains. Yeast organisms reproduce very quickly; their numbers can double every twenty minutes. In fact, the negative impact of yeast organisms on human health has been observed by many cultures since ancient times and this knowledge even more valid today because of the abundance of yeast in our food chain.

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