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Welcome to Clarisse's Page!

Hi everyone!

Welcome to my little corner on Herbal Solutions! Pull up a cup of tea, let’s get acquainted shall we? My name is Clarisse. I live in the big, beautiful city of Chicago. And, for the last 15 years I have worked as a natural healthcare professional. While pursuing my doctorate in healthcare, I became deeply interested in herbalism and determined that I wanted to add a holistic bend to my approach. I earned my doctorate in healthcare and have also been trained in chiropractics, the healing arts, and the life sciences.  I am fortunate that my profession enables me the potential to change lives, impact families in a way only healthcare professionals are able to, and I get to do what I truly love, nurture the people in my community. I care deeply about people and their well being and love to share my knowledge of natural health. My love of natural approaches to healthcare started when I was very young. Coming from a diverse background of Cherokee, Irish, and African American; I was blessed enough to be taught most of what I know from my wonderful family, especially my grandmother, Gwen. She grew up on a reservation in Wisconsin and as she got older she became known as an herbal specialist of sorts. She used to tell me that a lot of what she knew was "born in her" and the rest was from listening to her mother describe the methods her great-grandmother used to heal herself and her family. As I was coming up she used to give me all different kinds of ”treatments" usually served in a hot cup of tea sweetened with honey, for anything from an upset stomach, to a cold, to seasonal allergies. I thank her today for my continual love for a hot cup of tea! What I didn’t understand then was that she wasn’t just serving me a cup of love; she was serving me knowledge of how to take care of myself and to heal myself. So that brings me to today. Today I know that all those herbal mixtures that my grandmother conjured up not only tasted good but actually made me feel better. All of the mixtures that she put together, and all the formulas that Herbal Solutions puts together, come from ancient recipes and philosophies, so the idea of natural healing is far from new.  I still use many of her remedies, as well as many of the treatments here at Herbal Solutions, and tend to shy away from the more traditional pharmaceutical treatments simply because I don’t care for side effects and do not believe that I HAVE to trade getting rid of one ailment to only have to deal with another.  Another great pay-off to using natural methods is that I am allowing my body to tap into its ability to “heal thyself”, so I feel better. I also save a lot of money using these methods because I don’t find that I need to continuously buy costly prescription or over the counter drugs to treat a simple ailment like a cold. Well I am sure by now it’s easy to see what I am passionate about! So why am I writing this blog? I am writing so that I can share my passion for natural health and also because I want to share with you all the great things I have learned throughout the years. I want you to discover how you can help yourself and help heal your body naturally and effectively, without harsh chemicals or drugs. I want to pass on what I have learned about the foods that we should avoid as well as what we should add to our diets. And of course anything else I think would be helpful or just good to know. So thank you for stopping by! Regularly I will be sharing new ideas and approaches to natural health and medicine, so make sure you check back often! Clarisse