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Types of Treatment

This is no easy task.  This class of organisms – saprophytic – are among the world’s oldest life forms and are exquisite at adapting and surviving. Yeast can change itself into a fungal organism and form a spore, which is resistant to most drug therapies. Even when new pharmaceutical medications are researched and developed Types of Treatmentspecifically for this type of organism, it quickly out maneuvers the effects of the drug. Oftentimes the treatment can be as damaging to the body, and blood testing is required to check for liver or kidney damage. Other forms of treatment are in the alternative and natural health realms. Alternative healthcare treatments include garlic, caprylic acid, oil of oregano and various supplements formulated for fungicidal purposes.  Few of these treatments have shown any prolonged proficiency for killing these organisms, but they can be beneficial in diminishing yeast overgrowth. Buy Super Garlic at Our Store. In the natural healthcare realm, it is recognized that no one thing cures anything. Herbal formulas are used that are fungicidal or suppressive, which are combined with other adjuncts to treatment to assist in normalization or recovery of the system. Yeast and funguses are a normal part of the human system, so it is unrealistic to try to kill them all off. The numbers of the fungus have to be greatly reduced, and the body system re-inoculated with normal bacteria that naturally compete with yeast or fungus for space. The objective is to get them in balance so that they stop reeking havoc – taking over organ systems and jeopardizing health in general.

Treatment Recommendations

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