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Treatment Prognosis

A commonly asked question is "How long will this take?" This may vary from individual to individual, but a common denominator is that it will take 10 percent of the time of which you have had the overgrowth condition. No one can precisely determine how long it will take, oftentimes and generally speaking, people feel better after the initial die-off experience and construe this as being healed. This is not so. You must continue your efforts to bring the numbers down further into a normal range. Treatment PrognosisIf you have had an infestation for a year, expect to have to deal with it for at least six weeks. Most people have had an infestation for several years, so expect to be on the regimen for approximately three to four months. Otherwise, left unchecked these organisms will re-grow with a vengeance. This is especially so when ideal growing conditions exists, such as a waxing lunar cycle, which has a positive effect upon the growth of all fungal-like organisms throughout all of nature. Environmental temperature also plays a role. Temperatures ranging from the mid-40 to 60s degree Fahrenheit are ideal for fungal-like organism growth. Moisture too plays an important role in the growth of this class of organism. Other factors to consider are the extensiveness of the overgrowth, i.e. how many body cavities are compromised, and how much skin surface is involved.

Treatment Recommendations

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