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Detox Programs

Basic Candida Detox Package #1 Extensive Detox Package #2 Intervention Detox Package #3
Chronic COnditions Detox Package #4


AIDS Fighting Formula Balancing Formula for Lupus Herbal Support for Respiratory Allergies
Cold and Flu Crohns Disease
Hepatitis B Herpes
Metabolic Cleanser Neuromuscular Conditions
Rheumatoid Arthritis Shingles
Urinary Tract Infection and Discomfort Herbal Support for Food Allergies

Blood Chemistry

Blood Cleanser (Only) General Blood And Liver Cleanser - Moderate Blood Cleanser/Chelation (3 Stage)
General Blood And Liver Cleanser - Strong Blood Cleanser/ Laxative General Blood And Liver Cleanser w/ Skin Eruptions
Blood Insulin Deficiency Growth Hormone Cholesterol Control
Herbal Support For Anemia Immune Enhancer Cellular Regeneration Immune System Enhancing Formula
Immune System Optimizer Improves Liver Function
Nutrients For Failing Kidneys Male Hormones


Advanced Candida Cleanse General Fungal Cleanse
Extensive Candida Cleanse Micro-Balancer
Extensive Liver Cleanser Yeast Stabilizer
General Candida Cleanse Beta Micro-Balancer

Digestive System

Appetite Suppressant Digestive Tract Rehab
DGR Including Colon Ulcers and Spastic Stomach Formula
Herbal Support for GMO Exposure UGI Tract

Nervous System Modulators

Herbal Support for the Nervous System Nutrients for the Endocrine System Adrenal/Thyroid/Pituitary
Insomnia Relief Formula Thyroid Plus
Mental Distress Syndrome Herbal Uplift
Brain Tonic Herbal Support for Anxiousness


Colloidal Minerals Ultra Dophilus Dairy-Free
Ultra Bifidus Dairy-Free Ultra Flora Plus
Supergarlic 6000 Metazyme
Light Grey Celtic Sea Salt Fine Ground Celtic Sea Salt
Flower of the Ocean Celtic Salt Raw Honey
Clear Mountain Air Teapills Calm in the Sea Life Teapills
Ping Chuan Neti Pot
Mycelized Children’s Vitamins

Tonic & Energizing

Herbal Support for Tired Blood Male Rejuvenation
Liver Toner Chronic Fatigue
Heart Tonic

Functional Formulas

 Herbal Support For Menstrual Cycle  Bone Regeneration  Cellulite Reduction Formula
 Chronic Nasal Congestion/Sinusitis  Colon Health  Fibroid
 Heart Congestion  Heavy Mucous  Herbal Support for Tuberculosis
 High Blood Pressure  Kidney, Liver and Pancreas  Lung Congestion, Emphysema, Asthma
 Lymphatic Congestion  Herbal Support for Joint Conditions  Pelvic Inflammation
 Prostatus  Sitz Bath Solution For Pelvic Inflammation
 Varicosities and Lymphatic Congestion  Sprain and Strain Healing Soak