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Steps To Maintain Basic Health

Moving Towards Better Health

Five basic components help to sustain this state of being:Meditation
  • Rest
  • Moderate eating
  • Deep breathing
  • Adequate intake of fresh water
  • Light exercise
1. Rest assists the regenerative function of the body. When we rest, cells can reconstruct themselves efficiently. A worldwide survey regarding all aspects of health care emphasized rest as the number one aid to recovery and good health. Rest is deep sleep, taking a nap when we feel tired or yawn noticeably, or taking time for additional sleep during the course of our day. Rest is NOT overworking during the week and then getting a couple of extra hours of sleep on the weekend amidst other weekend activities. 2. Moderate eating can be defined as not overloading one’s stomach at one mealtime to the point of being uncomfortable. Overburdening the stomach requires more energy to digest the food, which places additional strain on the body’s organs. Our chemical balance is derived from what we eat. Choose foods wisely by avoiding overly processed foods (e.g.white flour products, de-natured oils, and packaged foods that are on the shelf for more than six months). Using this as a guideline, eat what you enjoy, and include fresh foods at each meal from the three kingdoms of nature: plant, animal and mineral (grains and root vegetables). 3. Deep Breathing has a two-fold benefit:
  • Our blood streams are better charged with positive components of air that contribute to the positive energy within the body.
  • The lower lobes of the lungs are kept cleared and in better health. It is known that breathing is the most essential act in keeping us alive - try avoiding it for three minutes.
4. Adequate water intake is the second most important act in staying alive, science says that we can go no longer than three days without water before we dehydrate and die. Seventy percent of body composition and chemistry is water. Of this seventy percent, seventy percent of water is in the blood. Nutrients as well as waste are carried by the blood stream and adequate water intake directly increases blood volume. An increased blood volume increases the body’s capacity for nutrient delivery and waste elimination. 5. Light exercise improves the utilization of oxygen, challenging the body so that it sustains its development and basic functions. In history, more elaborate forms of exercise were needed in order to aid human development. However, in this day and age we only need light exercise to put a minimal demand on the tissues in order that they stay healthy and viable. We are not going to evolve beyond our current physical abilities naturally. Light exercise is walking, short wind sprints, moderate calisthenics and moderate swimming. It is not marathon running, triathlon training or heavy weightlifting. These put a great demand on the body's tissues, especially the joints that can lead to rapid degeneration. Employing these five basic components in your daily regimen will greatly assist your body's ability to self-regulate and maintain good health.

Other Basic Tips for General Health

Additionally, including these basic techniques of nature will assist your body in healing, cleansing and regeneration:
  • Bathing instead of showering cleanses the body more efficiently. It is more natural and relaxing and of greater benefit to the body.
  • Lay upon the ground when you feel stress. The earth is a powerful magnet and has an enormous effect upon the body's bioelectrical field. You can discharge your excess emotional and physical energy into the earth, purging your system of old patterns and making way for new thoughts and inspiration.
  • Allowing the sun to shine upon the area of the solar plexus (above the navel and below the center of the lower ribs) places radiant solar energy directly into a major nerve plexus, which is our link to the emotional and objective self.

In Summary

The above mentioned components constitute the basics of good health. They are far more essential than some alternative healthcare techniques, such as aromatherapy, homeopathy, acupuncture, dieting, and gem therapy. Rather these alternative practices can be better utilized to further enhance an already established state of basic health. Make sure your body is auto-regulatory before trying to fix it with nonessential techniques.

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