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Special Nature of Children

The Naturally Healthy Child - Basic Facts and Natural Remedies

Children are society's most important resource and are now most at risk. They are being over medicated, poorly understood, and treated like the average adult. Our children need special attention in order to properly develop to their full potential. Yet, they are born with certain inherent weaknesses and disabilities. Raising the child in a natural environment will help them to potentially evolve to a state of perfection.

All Children have Leaky Guts

Scientists generally agree that all children are born with "leaky guts" (increased gut permeability). If they are fed table food before the age of nine months their guts can be further damaged. As with adults, children's physical chemistry starts in the gut where food is separated and absorbed. If too much absorption takes place beyond control of the organs, they start to develop incorrect chemistry, which causes illness - things we call allergies, attention deficit disorders, celiacs disease, etc.

Natural Approaches

Treating symptoms for a child the same as one would for an adult may be the wrong approach. A better approach from a natural perspective may be to first prevent problems by not feeding children table food too early. Secondly, since they are developing and regenerating very rapidly, a practical approach is to aid the gut's healing with natural methods. Certain foods, such as white flour products, overly processed and altered foods (possibly including genetically altered foods), are known to cause gut erosion. A compromised gut is like leaving the body open for haphazard invasion that could manifest as ear infections, asthma, chronic colds, attention deficit disorder (ADD) and other serious maladies. And, again most children have a leaky gut until approximately puberty.

Parental Responsibilities

As a parent, your special job is to insure that your child develops to his or her potential as far as possible. Children respond to nature quicker than anyone else. The reason is that they are growing and developing, so conditions do not have to be first undone and then reconstructed in the body. Do not hinder their development with dietary mistakes. And, further, avoid over-medicating them.

Quality Minieral and Protien Sources

Knowledge of a few natural approaches may be of great benefit to you and your child. Developing bodies need minerals from a guaranteed source and high quality protein such as that found in meat, fish and milk. A common misconception is that milk is detrimental to health, whereas milk is the only liquid on the planet that substitutes for water. Children are able to digest milk until puberty, when they cease producing rennin, which digests casein that binds calcium in milk. Avoid soy products, which have too much estrogen content for young developing tissue. Like adults, children need adequate water intake – their bodies are also 70% water.

Seek Professional Help from a Natural Health Practitioner

If your child is already at a point of being comprised in his or her health, seek the help of a natural practitioner of your choice as the best option available. Anything done for your child should be realized and evident within a week. Good natural approaches are manipulation, herbal therapy, glandular therapy, and parental massage.

Children Can Experiance Chemical Imbalances

If your child is diagnosed with some functional disorder, it generally equates to a chemical imbalance. If you can normalize the chemical imbalance, function will normalize. Imbalances can be the result of nutrient deficiency or an overabundance of something, such as sugar. Identifying what is out of balance greatly assists in normalizing the chemical imbalance. Nature works quickly. Recognizing what is out of balance can best be done by a natural methods practitioner, such as a naturopath, herbalist, or naprapath.

Common Detriments to your Child's Health

Other detriments to a developing child’s state of health are air conditioning; exposure to household chemicals, including smoke; wrong thinking and speech patterns; and over-the-counter medications such as aspirin, acetaminophen, and cold elixirs. All these are known to cause secondary health problems, such as gut erosion, allergies, and headaches. Better options are rest, fresh air, a clean environment, fresh foods, loving care, and allowing nature to do her best work in re-establishing a normal state of health for your child.

Pain is a Warning Sign

Most symptoms that children exhibit are not life threatening or health compromising, unless they are of a respiratory nature or high fever (over 102°F) for which you should seek emergency care. Listen to your child: your child will usually tell you when something is serious. In cases of diarrhea, make sure you keep your child hydrated with water, milk or juice. Fevers can be efficiently lowered by the application of cool towels to the bottom of the feet or vinegar sponge baths until emergency help is found. If your child tells you that he or she has a headache, ask for the location of the pain. If the pain is in the front and center of the forehead, make sure that your child has had a bowel movement in the last two days. If the pain is on the side of the head, consider it as a chemical imbalance. If the pain is in the back of the head or base of the neck, consider structural problems. Pain is always a warning. Warnings prompt us to take action. Hopefully we choose the proper course of action.

In Summary

Natural remedies abound for these simple maladies and have been used for ages. Children respond better to natural remedies than artificial ones. Anything administered to the children will become a part of their physical being, as they are growing, developing and building at a very rapid pace and on a daily basis. Be knowledgeable and considerate and AVOID a psychology of fear. Both your child and you will benefit greatly.

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