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Regenerating Your Bioelectric Field

Herbal Solutions - Regenerating Your Bioelectric Field One of the most important things to realize about dealing with this or any other organism is the impact of the human bioelectric field, whose primary purpose and function is to keep organisms like bacteria, viruses and yeast fungi from having too great an impact upon the physical body. All organisms are effected by vibratory frequency. After you have lowered the number of yeast and fungal organisms in your system, it is important that you make an effort to increase your body’s bioelectric field in order to hamper the organism’s growth. Information on this aspect of health is rather limited in that it is minimally researched and not well understood by most healthcare professions or practitioners.

The following are some helpful tips to keep your bioelectric field elevated:

  • Deep breathing
  • Eating high quality foods
  • Adding fully mineralized, natural salt to food and water. Natural salt contains approximately 84 naturally occurring minerals and is grayish in color. It is not table salt nor is it sea salt – both of which provide only two minerals: sodium and chlorine. Natural salt is marked as such on the label and is available in health food stores.
  • Bathing instead of showering. Water carries an electrical charge that the body can utilize. It is best transferred while the body is immersed in water, as opposed to water running off the body.
  • Lay upon the ground. The earth also carries an electrical charge and the body can benefit from it by lying upon it.
  • Rubbing common dirt on the skin can also be of great benefit to help establish a more normal fauna.
  • Pleasant thinking patterns such as that experienced during meditation, listening to music, and laughter.
  • Avoid eating all breads and baked products containing yeast. Check the ingredients label on snack foods, since some potato chips also contain yeast.
  • Turn off wireless devices when they are not in use, and keep your cell phone away from your body. These types of transmitters are now known to affect the human bioelectric field.

Maintaining Healthy Flora and Fauna

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