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Recommended Treatment Regimen

Herbal Solutions recommends a combination of six herbal formulas, each to be used for a week to ten day period in a rotating regimen:Herbal Solutions-Recommended Treatment Regimen Extensive Candida Cleanse, General Candida Cleanse, General Fungal Cleanse (usually given when the yeast-like organisms have adapted their physiology to that of a fungus, so a formula is necessary), Advanced Candida Cleanse, Yeast Stabilizer, Immune Enhancer: Cellular Regeneration, Chronic Infections, and Infections. Each herbal formula has been specially prepared to attack Candida and fungal overgrowths. These formulas are to be brewed in hot water and made into tea. It is advised that four cups of tea be ingested daily. Each bag of herbal formula contains approximately ten days worth of tea. Because yeast and fungus are adaptogenic organisms, capable of changing their physiology to resist different chemicals they are challenged by, it is necessary to vary the treatments used to reduce their numbers. No one medication, herbal formula, or fungicide will remain effective forever.

Our recommended treatment regimen is as follows:

  • Alternate Extensive Candida Cleanse and General Candida Cleanse for approximately four weeks, taking one for a solid week before switching to the other.
  • Then use the Advanced Candida Cleanse for ten days. During this period you should no longer be taking General or Extensive Candida Cleanse.
  • Next, switch to Yeast Stabilizer for another ten days. If cold-like symptoms develop and persist for more than a day, we recommend switching to the General Fungal Cleanse until these symptoms subside. Then return to the regimen where you left off.
  • Regenerate your immune system, which has been handling the burden of the dying yeast organisms, by taking the Immune Enhancer: Cellular Regeneration for a period of seven days.
Please keep in mind that these teas are rotated so that the yeast and fungi you are trying to remove do not have a chance to adapt. Taking any one formula for more than ten days is not likely to improve your results. It is usually a great idea to apply some of the herbal tea preparations to the body's surface, as well as swabbing the entire body with some of the solution. Oftentimes the yeast organisms have migrated onto the skin from internal environments via the body's orifices. Discolored patches may be noted around these orifices, including the eyes, as well as outbreaks of acne that respond poorly to conventional treatments for acne. The sinuses and vagina can also be lavaged with the tea (straining the tea first to ensure that no particulate matter is in the solution). For overall convenience (if you are traveling or have a hectic schedule for a few days), we recommend taking concentrated garlic in tablet form. Buy Super Garlic at Our Store Another key component for reducing and eliminating the overgrowth of these organisms is maintaining a normal level of salinity in the body. According to science, this should be at about the same salinity as sea water. Salt is a natural part of the chemistry of all life forms. A common misconception is that one should avoid the intake of salt. This is partly true - you should watch the intake of salts that contain a limited number of minerals such as our table salt which is composed primarily of sodium and chlorine. Salt combinations which contain a wide array of minerals (up to 84) are more compatible and reconstituting to the body's own chemistry. These salts, such as Celtic salt or naturally occurring sea salt, should be incorporated as a regular part of the general diet. It is essential to maintaining proper bodily chemistry, including a proper fauna and flora. Salt is also important in establishing and maintaining electrolyte balance and the bioelectric field. We recommend taking at least two teaspoons of Celtic salt or naturally occurring sea salt or fully mineralized land mined salt over the course of each day by placing a pinch at a time in a glass of water and on food. This regimen has to be kept up for at least three months to re-establish a normal level of salinity and should be included in conjunction with the herbal formulas. Bear in mind that it is extremely difficult to take in too much fully mineralized salt. The salt is in a constant state of flux and is tightly regulated by laws of attraction and repulsion, osmosis, and primarily by kidney function. Salt is a natural fungistat and bacteriostat, which is why it has been used since ancient times to cure and preserve foods, especially meats. Buy Celtic Sea Salts at Our Store.

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