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Regaining Health - Basic Facts and Natural Remedies

Reconstituting one’s health requires components from both of the two major aspects of nature: the Physical elements (minerals, vitamins, nutritional building blocks, human interaction) and Spiritual elements (sunlight, moon phases, and immeasurable components in the air other than oxygen). The components from these two major aspects come together inside the body at the cellular level to rebuild, regenerate and reconstruct the body’s tissues, re-establishing vitality.

Thoughts are Powerful

Further enhancing this reconstruction project is our thinkingHerbal Solutions - Look To Nature For Help process. Often we improve our state of health and don’t realize it until someone else points it out to us. Or, in talking with someone, they may say something that makes us recall that we no longer have a symptom that we previously had. Usually this results from being distracted about one’s health or in being in a negative state of mind continuously, and simply not realizing the subtle or overt changes that occur within us. The human body is set up with various regulatory systems. The major ones are our psychological self and emotional self.

The Psychology of Self

The psychological self determines our belief system and is comprised chiefly of glands. Starting from the head, these glands are the pineal, pituitary, thyroid, thymus, pancreas, adrenals, and gonads. The primary function of these glands is to help us make correct judgments and decisions. This is carried out primarily by the hormonal influences exerted upon the system via the glands. Consider some of the effects of a low thyroid gland - being cold, having low energy, an irregular heartbeat, irregular menses and infertility. An incorrectly functioning pancreas could manifest as poor sugar metabolism. Dysfunctioning gonads could affect one’s libido or fertility in either sex, and could also affect one’s secondary sex characteristics – whether or not one acts more male or female.

Wrong Thought Leads to Wrong Action

It may be an erroneous approach to take stimulants to correct symptoms of fatigue or external hormones to regulate dysmenorrhea. A more correct approach may be to identify the dysfunctioning gland and nutritionally support it so that it can return to a healthy functioning state, thereby resolving symptoms. This is often the approach in natural healthcare systems.

Your Belief System Determines Your Feelings

The psychological self regulates the emotional self. Since the psychological self determines our belief system, this structures our emotional responses. For example, if one has received good news that makes one ecstatic with happiness, one may want to embrace someone else. However, the belief system may limit that response to a smile. The emotions give stimulus to the physical body. They might cause our heart to race, they may cause the pit of our stomachs to tighten or affect many physiologic pathways, such as sugar metabolism, fatty acid metabolism and hormone secretions. Too much strong negative emotional stimulus can overtax the body’s physiologic pathways and cause dysfunction, disease, pain and disharmony. Research correlates heart actions with various emotional stimuli. For instance, caring types of emotions tend to slow the heart rate, whereas anger and other strong negative emotions tend to speed the heart rate.

Natural Remedies - Age-Old Cutting Edge Techniques

Research is abundant these days on these two systems. The fact of the matter is that they have been known throughout human history, as are techniques that help to enhance their functions.
  • Relaxing- Some health-improving techniques are relaxation during the day – the objective being to lose one’s self to one’s own thoughts, and avoiding unpleasant circumstances except when absolutely necessary.
  • Proper Breathing - Research shows that during times of stress our breathing slows or stops momentarily. A natural countermeasure would be to take purposeful deep breaths and hold them for 30 – 45 seconds, for three to seven repetitions.
  • Degaussing - We are bioelectric systems. All electrical systems accumulate static charges – negative as well as positive. Too much accumulation causes irritability in the human system – it can cause a bad hair day, or make one feel simply on edge. The earth is the largest magnet on the planet. A large magnet degausses or demagnetizes smaller magnets – of which you are. Lying upon the earth discharges one’s excess accumulation of electricity.
  • Bathing - as opposed to showers, has been used historically to regenerate and regain health. Saying affirmations in the bath can be of great benefit and enlivening. Additionally, right positive thinking, holding onto pleasant experiences, and humility can be of great value in today’s hectic rat race.


In summary, stay positive and resourceful. The way we think and what we believe in has a dramatic impact on our state of health. Do not be overwhelmed. Changing one's belief system and eliminating incorrect thinking is not an insurmountable task. Being "aware" of your thoughts and how you think is the first step. Employing the aforementioned techniques will work effectively to change a negative psychology as well as improve health.

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