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Curing Candida

Herbal Solutions - Important Points To Remember
  • Yeast and fungus are a part of our bodies from infancy and are called commensal organisms. The same relationship exists throughout all of nature.
  • It is perhaps wrong thinking to try and limit yeast and fungal growth by restricting a source of potential nutrition from your diet, such as simple carbohydrates and sugars. It is better to re-establish a balanced flora and fauna between yeast, fungus and bacteria. With a balanced constitution, bacteria will compete with yeast and fungus for nutrition, naturally limiting the availability of sugar to yeast and fungus, preventing them from overgrowing. Just think, all of us, with very few exceptions, ate simple carbohydrates and sugars as children, teenagers and young adults with no adverse results relative to yeast overgrowth. Sugars and simple carbohydrates are not the link to yeast overgrowth. Many factors contribute to our susceptibility to this problem.
  • Everything in nature is decomposing, including the human body. Perhaps due to our generally lowered state of health, which is commensurate with a lowered charge of the body’s bioelectric field we are decomposing at an increased rate. Similar to the way in which a vulture seeks out its meal, so too do yeast and fungal organisms prey upon dying cells and other dying matter. We are progressively becoming prey.
  • In addition to taking direct, specific action to eliminate the numbers of the yeast and fungal organisms, it would be wise to increase one's overall state of health by undertaking a combination of proactive measures (rest, adequate water and food intake, proper breathing, moderate exercise, etc).
  • If balance between fungi and bacteria was not re-established during the cleansing period, the yeast overgrowth will return with a vengeance within six weeks. And having been exposed to a fungicidal compound, it may become an even more tenacious adversary.

Maintaining Healthy Flora and Fauna

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