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We help people have more energy, less pain and get sick less often by helping them reclaim their health so they can finally live the free, creative and passionate life they desire.

We do this by creating herbal formulas that support balanced health, and by connecting you with health experts from all healing specialties so you can find systems of healing that works for your body.

We are on a mission to rescue people from debilitating chronic pain, confusing symptoms, over-medication, oppressive healthcare costs, shame, depression and exhaustion because everyone deserves to feel fully filled with life at any age.

Our information and products have been clinically proven in the 30+ year practice of certified natural health practitioner and herbalist, Dr. Gene Ridley. Whether you seek education, natural treatments or just a breath of fresh air, our store and resources were designed with you in mind.


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Our goal is to make sure you are aware of ALL the options at your disposal, not just the medical ones.


Your body is self-cleansing, self-healing, self-regulating and regenerating.

We believe everyone can have the life they truly desire if they understand the language of their body. When you leave this site you will be more empowered to heal yourself than when you arrived. Whether you buy from us, choose a different practitioner or decide to take the medical route, our purpose is to make sure you receive the best quality of treatment possible.

What is Natural Healthcare?

Natural healthcare approaches health by determining what the body needs (structurally via manipulation, nutritionally, or chemically via herbs), and providing that need so that the body can self-correct and thrive.

Natural healthcare seeks the source of the problem and assists the body to overcome illness and disease with herbs and/or supplements only as long as is needed. We do not advocate the use of supplements long term nor to treat symptoms. Alternative healthcare addresses symptoms from the same vantage point as conventional healthcare and pharmaceutical treatment.

It’s transformative.

We use the time honored art of alchemy to give you the tools you need to transform your health. We strive to teach you how to stay healthy and not dependent on any extraneous substance to maintain your health.

The Healing Power of Herbs

The fact that herbs have been and continue to be used to treat illness is grounded in evolution. As humanity evolved, elements from the mineral, plant and animal kingdoms are incorporated into our physiology – meaning that there are chemical compatibilities between our operating structures and plans. When applied or ingested, herbs assist the healing process by delivering vital chemicals to physiologically change the condition to one that is more in harmony with normal health.


We’ve done the homework and taken the guesswork out of herbal remedies.

Our customized formulations address over 80 poor health and disease conditions. Herbal Solutions, our company’s brand of naturally formulated and FDA approved G.R.A.S. plants and herbs, awaken the body’s natural ability to correct poor health conditions.

We’re here to help you get well and stay well, naturally. Learn more about Dr. Ridley here, or visit our shop if you know what you’re in the market for.


Our team is here for you.

Judith M.


Judith is an artist, multi-media producer and teacher. She is responsible for redeveloping the ethos of Herbal Solutions and guiding the strategy that would best serve customers. She has been passionate about natural health, herbs and natural foods since she was a teenager and read Let's Get Well by nutritionist Adelle Davis. As a former student and patient of Dr. Gene Ridley for twenty five years, she is a strong advocate for natural healthcare and traditional medicine. Judith is thrilled to be guiding customers to their best health. She lives in a pink building and loves to paint in watercolors.

Aiden K.

Business Development and Communications

Aiden is a seeker, artist, writer and green witch with a passion for helping people realize their self-healing potential. They are responsible for growing Herbal Solutions' audiences by understanding our customer's challenges and developing the systems that best serve them. They spend a lot of time thinking about magic, storytelling, self-cultivation, seasonal produce, flowers, and dreaming about a city skyline covered in rooftop farms. She is currently reading Aphrodite by Isabelle Allende and is producing a collection of writings and illustrations from her time in rural Wisconsin to raise funds for the Hochunk Nation.

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