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General Candida & Yeast Cleanse

General Candida and Yeast Cleanse is one of our premiere work horses in our yeast/candida... ..

$31.50 USD

General Fungal Cleanse

General Fungal Cleanse is a medicinal tasting formula that addresses yeast and/or fungal overgrowths. When... ..

$40.00 USD

Metabolic Cleanser

Metabolic Cleanser  is a very effective natural aid for reducing growths or tumors, benign or... ..

$32.00 USD


Micro-Balancer formula is highly recommended for infections, yeast overgrowths and compromised immunity, such as a weakened or... ..

$34.50 USD

Cold and Flu

Cold and Flu formula is a good tasting formula that treats the common cold and... ..

$26.50 USD

Immune Enhancer Cellular Regeneration

Get your defenses up! Set yourself on an even keel after dealing with fungus, mold,... ..

$26.50 USD

Cellulite Reduction Formula

Cellulite Reduction formula reduces waste buildup in tissues and smooths the appearance of cottage cheese... ..

$26.50 USD

Colon Health

Colon Health formula (formerly named Colon Conditions) improves colon health and addresses the  colon, bowels,... ..

$26.50 USD

Kidney Liver Pancreas

Kidney Liver Pancreas

Kidney Liver Pancreas formula is excellent for cleansing the primary organs of elimination.   In... ..

$26.50 USD $37.00 USD

High Blood Pressure

High Blood Pressure formula can lower the blood pressure reading, but does not cure the... ..

$26.50 USD

Endocrine System Nutrients

Endocrine System Nutrients support the glands of the endocrine system, primarily the thymus, adrenals and... ..

$26.50 USD

Insomnia Relief Formula (IRF)

Insomnia Relief Formula assists with sleeplessness and is very effective with periodic use. This formula... ..

$26.50 USD

Neuromuscular Conditions

Neuromuscular Conditions formula works at the neuromuscular junction to clear it of metabolites and other... ..

$28.50 USD

Immune System Optimizer

Use Immune System Optimizer to boost your immune system against AIDS, HIV, mold, fungus, and... ..

$26.50 USD

Blood and Liver Cleanser with Skin Eruptions

Blood and Liver Cleanser with Skin Eruptions is formulated to assist  lymphatic drainage and microvasculature... ..

$26.50 USD

Extensive Liver Cleanser

Extensive Liver Cleanser is a combination of herbs that work as a mild purgative for... ..

$26.50 USD

Pelvic Inflammation Sitz Bath

Pelvic Inflammation Sitz Bath is a good formula to use if you have been diagnosed... ..

$26.50 USD

Digestive Tract Rehab

The Digestive Tract Rehab formula is mild tasting and works quickly to restore gut regeneration... ..

$26.50 USD

Blood and Liver Cleanser Moderate

Blood and Liver Cleanser Moderate is a good choice to detoxify and cleanse the system,... ..

$26.50 USD

Bone Cancer Regeneration

Bone Cancer Regeneration formula is formulated specifically to treat malignancies and bone cancer, as well... ..

$26.50 USD

Appetite Suppressant

This neutral tasting formula satiates the hunger mechanism by causing the stomach to feel full.... ..

$26.50 USD