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How to make a Coronavirus COVID-19 care plan

Many officials are telling us to isolate. But that doesn't mean we should separate ourselves from the people we love. Having a social network in place can help reduce stress and aide in pooling resources in case your life gets strapped.

Get out a pen and paper or start a computer document and write down responses to the following:


  1. List 2 people you can reach out to for financial support. What would happen if you lost your job? Couldn't work? Many are poor or working-class and can't afford to miss a day off. Pooling financial resources allow us to lessen the burden on our communities.
  2.  List 5 people you can reach out to for social support. Facetime a friend and ask how they are. Check up on the sick people. Call your mom and see if she has her care plan ready. Look out for your community!
  3. Do you have a doctor you can trust? Write down their name and phone number. Give them a call and ask if there are any changes to the office policy and if they are treating in-office.
  4. Is your insurance up to date? If you have insurance, call and see what your benefits are. If you don't have insurance, find a sliding-scale clinic near you, or look into financial aide at your local hospital?
  5. Which hospital will be affirming to your existence? (gender, race, religion); Ask around to others in your community and find a place that works for you.
  6. Who comes with you to navigate these spaces? Many health centers are closing visiting and only allowing in sick individuals. Call the offices and confirm their visitor policy in case you or a loved one get sick. This is also important if you currently know someone under professional care?

By being prepared and making a plan, you can ease stress and prepare for unexpected circumstances. Share the plan with the 5-7 people you listed above.


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